Welcome to Elite Financial Firm Success Stories!


We are excited to start sharing our success stories on our blog. We hope you enjoy them. So let’s get started with our first client success story.


In May of 2017, we started working with a client that originally had a full time bookkeeper on-site and on their payroll. Unfortunately, their bookkeeper became ill and would be unable to return to work. The client came across our information and reached out to us.

They were on a limited budget and had no backup for their previous bookkeeper. They needed help quickly and they wanted someone to do the bookkeeping at their location.

Luckily we were able to put together a plan for them that not only allowed us to provide someone to do their bookkeeping on-site but we saved them a significant amount of money in the process.


Let’s check out the breakdown for the cost savings and the value added for our client.


  • Elite Financial Firm was able to provide bookkeeping services at the clients location as requested. (Please note that on-site bookkeeping is only available to local clientele).
  • We were able to provide the client with an outstanding associate that has an exceptional background in Accounting & Bookkeeping. The associate was able to make an immediate positive impact on the clients situation.
  • Elite Financial Firm was able to reduce their bookkeeping to 1 day (8 hours) per week. (They previously had a full time bookkeeper that came in 5 days (40 hours) per week).
  • This client now has a backup in the event that one of our associates is not available. We have multiple associates trained on the clients specific processes and procedures.


  • Cost Savings – Annual Bookkeeping Services – $ 34,800.00. Healthcare – $ 10,000.00. Unemployment Insurance and Payroll Tax (Social Security and Medicare) Savings – $2,800.00


That is an annual cost savings for our client of $ 47,600.00. For a small business, that is big money!



We recently spoke with the client to get an update. The client expressed great relief and gratitude for our exceptional services. The client thanked us immensely and said that they would have never thought that they could have afforded this type of partnership.


Not only could they afford top notch service, Elite Financial Firm was able to reduce their costs.


The new cost savings allowed the owner to take a much needed vacation!! Our client can also rest easy and enjoy his much needed time away because he can trust that Elite Financial Firm will keep his financials running while he is away.


We hope to share many more of these stories as we continue to grow with our clients and partners.

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**Disclaimer – we have intentionally left out the clients information as to protect their privacy.